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April - May 2014 School Holidays

Wed, 04/02/2014

A little bit of magic, a drop of drama and some digital storytelling. It's an EGGS-travaganza at your library these school holidays...

All three libraries hold programmes of stories, crafts and enterainment during school holidays.

Flaxmere Library

Thursday 24 April 10.30am
Enjoy Little Kiwi and Dinosaur Storytime then make a dinosaur ice egg.

Monday 28 April 1.00pm
Hunger Games - meet in the Young Adult Section to egg on your mates in our yolk activities. 
You may even win a chocolate surprise!

Thursday 1 May 10.30am
Hear Dragon Stories and make an egg carton dragon.

Hastings Library

Wednesday 23 April 10.30am
ANZAC stories in the Hall of Memories.
Make your own poppy.

Thursday 29 April 10.30am
Drama Workshop with Glen Pickering.
Learn to be a drama king or queen with one of New Zealand's best!

Thursday 1 May 1.30pm
Digital Storytime
That's right! Stories via iPad for all to see and share. 
A fun interactive experience.

Havelock North Library - A Little Bit of Magic

Wednesday 23 April 10.30am
Laugh along with Marty Rochfort as he performs his comedy magic show.
Marty has performed in 350 schools around NZ and we welcome him to Havelock North library for the first time.

Tuesday 29 April 10.30am
Be amazed by Bill and Mandy Reid’s magic show.
These well-known entertainers will use a whole lot of magic to captivate our imagination.

Friday 2 May 10.30am
Hear magical stories of Hee-Haw -Dini and the great Zambini, and The Great Orlando.
Find out how a Princess outwits a Wizard with her own special magic.
Make your own wizard to take home.


Charlotte and the Golden Promise

Thu, 03/13/2014

This book has a very special cover - look carefully at the photo because you might have seen her around.  Grace Shearer from Havelock North won a competition to be on the cover of the newest New Zealand Girl book called Charlotte and the Golden Promise.

'I'm sure it'll be much more fun at the goldfields'.

Dunedin, 1865

Charlotte loves to play marbles with her best friend Harry and read about adventures on the high seas. But Charlotte will have to leave school soon and help her mother with the house and the younger children. Charlotte can't imagine anything worse.

When it looks like her mother is going to keep her home for good, Charlotte and her new friend Cyril board a Cobb & Co coach and head to Hogburn Gully, where the Otago gold rush is in full swing. But the mining town isn't what Charlotte imagined.

Can Charlotte find a fortune in the goldfields? Or will she have to return home to a narrow life of sewing, cooking and looking after her little sisters?


Click here to find Charlotte and the Golden Promise in the library.

The Beginner's Guide to Hunting & Fishing in New Zealand

Thu, 02/27/2014

If you have ever wanted to know more about how to hunt and fish – this is the book for you! 

How do you skin a rabbit?  How do you catch an eel?  How do you shoot a gun?  Find out in this guide written just for kids.  The photos show you these amazing skills in action, and much, much more.

So, if you want to be the next big game hunter or catch the BIG fish, borrow this book.

Click here to find The Beginner's Guide to Hunting & Fishing in our library.

Click here to find out more about hunting and fishing, including events at Fish& Game's Kid's Corner

Shark and Crab by Julie Ellis

Wed, 01/15/2014

Max from Havelock North has been keeping in touch with reading over the summer, using the Red Rocket Readers.  Her reported in on Shark and Crab by Julie Ellis:

"The shark wanted to eat the crab but it didn't because the crab said, 'I will help you if you don't hurt me.'  The shark got stuck in the net which was coming down.  He yelled, 'Help! Help!'  The crab thought about the promise and then he chomped the net open.  The shark was free and then they did a high five and had a party together."

Click on the link above for more titles in this series.  

The Titanic: The Ocean's Greatest Disaster by Senan Malony

Wed, 01/15/2014

Here's a fantastic read for anyone who loves reading about the sinking of the Titanic.  You will learn about how it was built and how the disaster unfolded, as well as hear first-hand accounts from survivors.  

The Titanic by Senan Malony was reviewed by Harry from Havelock North who thought it went on "for too long" for him, but he said it would be appreciated by fanatics like his brother. 

This volume is part of the Lost Words series which lets you learn about history from the people who were actually there.  

Captain Mac by Russell Punter

Mon, 01/13/2014

Captain Mac by Russell Punter is part of Usborne's Very First Reading Series designed for children to read with an adult. 

Alice Pechey, aged 7 from Havelock North, reviewed this book for the Summer Beach Read Programme and gave it a one-star rating.  She said, "This story is about Captain Mac who is a ship's captain.  He needs ten men to sail at half past ten.  He gets nine men and then got Rick who got sick because he was scared of heights.  Pam offered to work on the ship.  She could climb up the mast!"

Good work, Alice. 

To choose more books in this fun series, click on the link above!

Pinkalicious: The Pinkerrific Playdate by Victoria Kann

Thu, 01/09/2014

If your favourite colour is pink, you will not be able to resist the Pinkalicious books by Victoria Kann.  

Alice from Havelock North particularly liked The Pinkerrific Playdate.

"A new girl came to school and Pinkalicious asked her for a play date.  When Pinkalicious got home she planned her play date.  Peter, her brother, said that this would be the best play date ever, but Pinkalicious said that he was not invited.  Her mother asked her to include Peter.  When her friend came they did not stick to the plan, but had a wonderful play date anyway."

And when you've finished all the Pinkalicious books, you can go onto Purplicious and even Silverlicious.   They all sound declicious to me - the perfect summer read for young readers!

The Twits by Roald Dahl

Thu, 01/09/2014

"The Twits is a funny story about Mr and Mrs Twit.  The Twits like to play nasty pranks on each other like putting frogs in beds, worms in food and pretending that each other is shrinking. The monkeys Mr and Mrs Twit own can't put up with this behaviour so they make up a plan to get rid of these rotten creatures!" reports ten year old Olivia from Havelock North.   

The Twits are truly foul, Olivia, and even put glue traps in the trees to catch birds.  I think it's hilarious when the African Roly-Poly bird turns the tables on the Twits and helps the Wuggle-Wump monkeys make them believe they are upside down.

To bring the world of Roald Dahl to life, visit his website: and try out the Wonkalator and Flying Peach games.   



Top 10 Worst Nasty Pirates You Wouldn't Want To Meet by Fiona MacDonald

Mon, 01/06/2014

Shiver me timbers!  Pirate fanatic, Evan from Havelock North, liked looking at the pictures in The Top 10 Worst Nasty Pirates by Fiona MacDonald which tells the true stories of some very famous pirates from around the world.  "I liked the Barbarossa Brothers the best because they have a ginormous pirate ship, but Zheng Yi Sao has the best sword.  Once, there was a big explosion on a pirate ship.  I also liked Blackbeard because he's on 'Pirates of the Caribean'."

This book is part of the Top 10 Worst series which explores the facts and science behind many interesting topics such as the most vicious villains, scariest dinosaurs and much, much more.  Click on the links above to see what is available in our libraries. 


Who's Your Mummy? by R.L. Stine

Mon, 01/06/2014

Many of you will already be familiar with the Goosebumps series if your enjoy horror fiction. 

Leo from Havelock North told us about Who's your Mummy? which is part of the Horrorland series.  It is set in the scariest theme park on the planet.  Ordinary children are being invited to the park and getting trapped there.  Leo tells us why: "It's about two children who go to their uncle's house.  He's really interested in Egypt.  The uncle is a sort of baddie as he tries to take all their hair to keep the mummies fresh so that he can eat them." 

Sounds very gruesome, Leo!  I heard that Slappy the Dummy and Monster Blood are some of the vile villains the children encounter on their trip too - so, be warned, this story is not for the faint hearted!


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